You Can Save Lives

TrygFonden is a main contributor to the massive change in the Danish public’s perception of CPR. It's very simple. Everyone can save lives. Including you.

Read about the development of cardiac arrest in Denmark

Over the past 15 years Denmark has implemented a number of initiatives resulting in a remarkable tripling of both bystander CPR and survival rate for victims of sudden cardiac arrest.

No other country can document such a positive development in such a short time. It has only been possible to come this far by combining a high level of research, establishing of nationwide systems including community programs and by motivating Danes through massive communication about the importance of bystander CPR to save more lives. Watch the videos below and learn more about the unprecedented development, TrygFonden and our ways of communication.

Introduction to You Can Save Lives

Video poster
Teaching school children about CPR is a central part of our strategy. This film introduces the students to the importance of stepping up when someone needs help, and to the fact that anyone can save lives.

We motivate people to respond

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In 2014, TrygFonden started a long-term campaign, which aim to make it natural for bystanders to step in when witnessing cardiac arrest

CPR in schools

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We educate future bystanders to act as first responders in Danish schools